Predicting the Future

Alan Kay said “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

I will try Alan but unless Arthur C Clarke imparts his genius for foresight onto me from beyond the ether I will have to make do with three shots in the dark.

1. Download will be classified an obsolete word by the Oxford English Dictionary

I was not convinced on streaming (even as a YouTube fan) until I used Spotify a couple of years back when it first launched in Europe. My behaviour has changed as I have access to content at the touch of the button. However, we are in this weird middle world where we don’t have ubiquitous access to the cloud. How boring is the London Underground…but one day…when high speed Wi-fi is available everywhere…who knows? Maybe my kids won’t know what download is.

2. G+ becomes H+

H+ is new upcoming TV series by one of my favourites Bryan Singer.

At its core, this focuses on the transition of the internet from an externally accessed medium to one that is integrated into our physical make up.

Observe right now how quickly Desktop Internet access is being superseded by Smartphone access and how companies like Apple are bringing people closer to technology through Human gesture interfaces like pinch, zoom and swipe. This is the stuff of a William Gibson novel. Would you implant the Internet in your brain?

3. Profit orientated companies will fail

In the transparent, social media world where organisations and consumers now are bedfellows, companies better be good. Beyond this, they better give back. I follow with growing admiration Tony Hsieh’s mission to build the ultimate customer experience which has resulted in the deserved financial success of Zappos. But where Tony is truly a pioneer is that this drive has clearly transcended into a genuine mission to make the world a better place. In the future will there be a place for a company whose only goal is to make money?

A topic for the next blog



4 thoughts on “Predicting the Future

  1. the only companies that make money are the ones that really make a genuine difference in the market place. constantly moving as a brand and releasing the boundaries of a corporate organizations as we know it today… nice topic to think about

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