From VP of Digital … to Digital Engagement Director

There is a simple explanation for my silence since August. Just around the date of my last post, the announcement went out about my impending move to Barclaycard into a newly created role as the company’s Global Digital Engagement Director.

My current title might be different from the previous one (VP of Digital), but it still refers to the same mission: to use technology to simplify life and create greater engagement with Barclaycard.

The past few months have been remarkable and have left me with little time for commentary. As Barclaycard has been developing its contactless payment systems across a wider range of digital platforms, I have thrown myself into its varying digital initiatives.

Products like PayTag, a small credit card tag that can be used for contactless payments, are all about simplicity, which is right up my alley. Basically, a PayTag is a little stick-on credit card that can be linked to your regular credit card. You can wave it like a magic wand to pay for things, using whatever object you choose to stick it on. For many, this is their mobile phone, effectively transforming it into a payment vehicle.

Anyway, innovative solutions like this are ideal for alignment with social media campaigns, especially when targeting the majority of consumers that will use a PayTag on a mobile they already use to connect to their favourite social networking sites. It is a glimpse into our digital future where our wireless phones have become wireless wallets and mobile devices are mobile worlds in of themselves. It’s all about simplifying.


3 thoughts on “From VP of Digital … to Digital Engagement Director

  1. I got sent my invite for PayTag the other day. Very impressive!!! shame that it doesn’t maximize my NFC, but I guess a girl cant have everything…..

  2. Woah – exciting times, plenty going on in this space with Barclaycard leading the innovation it seems. I just received my Barclaycard contactless card and looking forward to using it. Good luck with the new role!

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