Content is STILL King

Digital marketing directors will often talk about the need for great content to engage consumers. In the years I have been running digital programmes it is increasingly clear that “content is king” is not a throwaway cliche but a business critical point.
Beware all yea Marketers who ignore this at your peril.  You can search optimise, you can measure, you can link, but unless your content is great you will fail. There is only so much icing that can cover a burnt cake.
 Content is King
An essential ingredient for social media success is transitioning your business from a campaign only approach to one that is always on. Content is a fundamental component within this marketing evolution.
So what has changed?
  • People are increasingly time poor therefore snacking on content is more prevalent.
  • Facebook and Twitter are established mainstream sites and brands are fighting for space in increasingly cluttered walls and newsfeeds.
  • Screens are getting better – it is not by chance that a huge proportion of the marketing of the ‘new’ iPad was focused on the retina display
  • Digital Platforms are supporting better quality images – Facebook high resolution image support & Instagram acqusition and the epic rise of image focused platforms such as Pinterest
What does this mean?
  • The challenge used to be about sourcing and producing content 365 days a year for your audience.
  • Now the business challenge is ensuring every single piece of your publishing repertoire is to the standard you would normally reserve for outdoor advertising or TV production.
Don’t get me wrong, it was not that any old toot used to be good enough, all content had to be shareable; that is useful, fun and interesting. However to be the leader of the social pack your “stuff” has to look amazing.
I really respect Red bull and Burberry who have set the content bar so high.
My predictions:
  • Consumer perceptions of the brand will be increasingly affected by the quality of the images and videos that Brand posts in social channels.
  • Any company involved with luxury goods or premium offerings need to be acutely aware that every piece of content needs to look amazing.
  • A lot more brands will need to prioritise budgets for image/video creation beyond campaigns.
  • You will potentially see the rise of social media production specialists; in house brand photographers and a growing creation of in house studios.

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