Reinventing yourself

I recently wrote an article about how I can hire a marketing candidate by looking at their iPad. 

At its heart, my point was grounded in the belief that you should hire for attitude and train for skill. While it would be fantastic to find a candidate who had both, I would never appoint someone who had the “wrong” attitude.

“Wrong” in the sense of no personal interest in the subject they will be working on. Do you hire a social media manager who has never tweeted? A brand director who cannot speak with passion about brands they admire?

The challenge and wonderful thing about our modern world is with the constant being change, you need to have a self-perpetuated hunger for self learning and discovery.

As you progress through your career with the aim of finding something you love to do and the world of work becomes blurred with your passions, you will have to simultaneously continually reinvent yourself.

I read recently that a great deal of students are studying content at university that will be out of date by the time they graduate and that for a significant portion the role they will work in has not been invented yet.

At its nub, modern marketers need to demonstrate a natural curiosity to learn. I guess I am saying if you do not display any personal interest in the subject, not only are you not the best candidate, but why are you applying for that role?